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How much does it cost to attend a CPAT session?

Cost is $165.00 for each full session payable in full at Orientation/Registration.  The session includes the Orientation, 2 Station Practices (1 immediately following Orientation), 2 Timed-Course Practices, and a CPAT Test.

How much does it cost to take the CPAT Test only?

Cost is $165.00 each time you challenge the test.  NOTE: These test challenges are ONE time test tries only.  Please be aware that with this option, you will be required to sign an Acknowledgement of Waiver form waiving any orientation and practice.

What forms of payment are accepted?

SUFD accepts checks, money orders, or cash.  Checks and money orders should be made payable to SUFD.  A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.

How do I renew my CPAT card?

CPAT cards are not renewable and there is no special price.  Your options are to attend a Full Session Orientation (signing up for 2 Timed-Course Practices and a Test), or you can do a One-Time Test Challenge on a Time-Course Practice or Test date.  To take a One-Time Test Challenge, select a Timed-Course Practice date or Test date from our schedule and send an email to to request an appointment time for that date.  You will be required to complete the registration forms and sign the Acknowledgement of Waiver form waiving Practice and Orientation.  These forms are available on the Forms page.  The fee is $165.00 for EACH ONE TIME TEST CHALLENGE.  * A $25 fee will be charged for return checks.

Why is there no expiration date on my CPAT card?

CPAT cards include only the date you passed the test.  Acceptance of this card is at the discretion of each agency.  Generally, you are encouraged to have a card that is no less than a year from the date you are applying for employment.

How do I register for a CPAT Session?

There is no pre-registration.  The registration process begins at 5:30pm the evening of Orientation.  Payment in full is required at registration.  Orientation starts promptly at 6:30pm.  No one will be admitted after Orientation begins.  NOTE:  The Registration packet is available on the Forms page so you can print and complete the forms to bring with you to Orientation to be processed.

What time are the CPAT practices and test?

CPAT practices and test are held during the day, beginning at 8:00am, by appointment only.  Additional times will be added as necessary at the discretion of SUFD.

Can I just show up and take the CPAT Test?

No.  You must request an appointment by email at by 3:30pm the business day before a scheduled Timed-Course Practice or Test date.  Please refer to our schedule on the Home page for specific dates.

What do I wear to the CPAT Practices and Test?

For safety reasons, you are required to wear long pants, a t-shirt or sweatshirt, and athletic shoes (footwear without an exposed heel or toe).  Additionally, you cannot wear any loose or restrictive jewelry, including watches.  NO shorts or sandals are allowed.  Candidates not adhering to this dress code will not be allowed to participate in any CPAT activities.

Where do I go for Registration, Orientation, and to take the CPAT Test?

Scheduled Registration, Orientation, Practice, and Test times will be held at the CHICAGOLAND ROOFERS APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING FACILITY.  Use the Roofers Road entrance (this is a PRIVATE ROAD at approximately 7014 South Wolf Road, Indian Head Park, IL 60525).  Directions are available on the Forms page.

How much time does the CPAT Orientation take?

Plan at least 1.5 hours for the evening.  This is an average and may vary depending upon the number of people attending.  The evening Orientation will include registering, paying, scheduling your Timed-Course Practices and Test times, a question and answer period, as well a Station Practice.

Why should I attend CPAT Orientation?

During Orientation, you will learn what is expected during the CPAT testing process.  You will also be able to practice all 8 CPAT stations with the help of our CPAT Proctors.  They will give you valuable information that will help you succeed in passing the CPAT.  Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for 2 Timed-Course Practices as well at the CPAT Test.  This is important because if a candidate successfully completes a Timed-Course Practice, the candidate will be eligible to receive a CPAT card and will not be required to do any remaining practices or the test for that session.  Essentially, attending Orientation allow the candidate 3 separate opportunities to pass the test and obtain the CPAT card.  NOTE: This option is only available if you attend the Orientation and signed up that evening for the session’s Timed-Course Practices.