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2015 CPAT Schedule Only

City of Chicago – FF/EMT Applicants

  • Questions regarding City of Chicago hiring?  Direct applicants to review correspondence from the City or obtain further information at or by telephone at (312) 744-4966. 
  • The first Fire Academy class for this group will not be held until some time in 2016.  Only a few hundred people will be processed for this class. 
  • City of Chicago applicants will also be contacted by the City when their lottery number is under consideration for hire for a scheduled Fire Academy class. 

Candidate Physical Ability Test

The Southwest United Fire Districts Fire Training Academy (SUFD) serves the Chicago Metro area. The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is a pre-employment test developed in cooperation between the International Association of Firefighters and the International Association of Fire Chiefs and is comprised of a comprehensive orientation, preparation and testing program. Individuals may register and take part in CPAT Pre-Certification for use in fire department hiring processes. These candidates must declare the departments they are testing for during registration. Upon successful completion of the test a CPAT Identification Card will be issued to the candidate.

The Candidate Physical Ability Test(CPAT) is a pass/fail test encompassing eight events that challenge the applicant as if they were on the scene of a working fire. It is a timed test that gives the applicant 10 minutes and 20 seconds to complete. Candidates wear a weighted vest to simulate the weight of firefighting equipment, hardhat, and gloves throughout the test.

Convenience: All materials, equipment, and manpower are provided throughout the process. Your department will not have the large expense associated with equipment purchases, equipment storage, and training instructors.Time: The SUFD CPAT program can save your agency time by providing all the necessary comprehensive physical ability services normally conducted by agency staff.

Protection: The CPAT is a legally defensible, validated testing process that gives you the tools to hire the best possible applicants for your department. It meets criteria established by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), United States Dept. of Justice (DOJ), and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

Transportability: CPAT is designed for the entire fire service, the “gold standard” of physical ability testing. It is recognized around the globe as a validated process and is accepted by many fire departments across the United States.



Candidates who elect to sign waiver of participation in orientation period may challenge CPAT during Timed Course Practice test dates or CPAT Test Dates by appointment only. Appointments may be requested at Registration fee is required prior to each test attempt. Each session begins with an Orientation meeting and Station Practice session to familiarize the candidate with the CPAT. Candidates will have the opportunity to ask questions of the proctor staff and Peer Fitness Trainers and to view orientation video of the course and process. As part of the orientation and preparation process, candidate orientation guides and test preparation guides are available for downloading or viewing on our forms page.

Candidate Preparation Guide

 Instructional Video of the Full CPAT

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